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[霸主] 《骑马与砍杀2:霸主》开发日志(84)——地图设计(城镇)

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Greetings warriors of Calradia!

In the medieval ages, castles and strongholds were not meant to be dwellings, but military tools that were strong and easy to defend, positioned in choke points to protect an important region or trade route. Villages, on the other hand, were the population centres - places where people would dwell and sleep after a long day of work in the fields or herding their cattle. Towns were somewhat a combination of the two, but they were also very different (and complex) places. They had walls for defence and a high population count, but they were much more than just dwellings and defensive structures: they were the most important places around. Towns are where kingdoms forged their real power. Artisans worked raw materials into quality goods and merchants turned them into wealth. Courts were established in towns, so they were also the heart and brains of any realm -- where politics, conspiracies, and plots took place.



In Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, towns are very much like their real-world counterparts. They are where industrial goods are produced, higher quality troops are trained, commerce flourishes, notable NPCs do their dealings and crime is prevalent. And this is exactly what our level designers try to reflect as they create each town scene.

In a previous blog, we looked at how we approach map design for castles, which share some similarities with towns (both have upgradable walls and both can be besieged). However, when it comes to design, towns are a completely different beast.

在骑砍2里,城镇和现实世界中非常像 。它们是生产商品,训练精锐,贸易蓬勃的地方,著名的NPC们也在这里交易和犯罪。这就是我们关卡设计师在创建每个城镇场景时尝试反映的内容。


As we design the layout of each town, we tend to divide them into recognisable districts, so that players can develop an instinct for where they can find what they are looking for. This isn’t so much a rule that is set in stone, as we want to stay fluid in our approach to level design, but all of our work on these scenes share similar design principles.


  • Marketplace - This is where most goods are traded. If you are looking for a shiny new helmet, supplies for a campaign, or perhaps some barding for your horse, then the marketplace will be your first port of call. The marketplace is also where you will find the local blacksmith, where you can design and craft your own melee weapons.
  • Slums and backstreet - Dangerous places where smugglers and bandits gather to make money by illegitimate means, diminishing the resources and taxes of the town.
  • Keep - Where you can find the nobles and governor of the town (as well as the prisoners!). One day, this is somewhere that you will hopefully get to call home.
  • Military district - This is where the town guards and garrison gather, and where troops can be trained. Also, this is where the town’s stockpile is located to be used in times of need (such as a defensive siege).
  • Tavern - This is where adventurers and drunks alike gather to share stories over a mug of mead. Some revellers are just a nuisance, others are sellswords that will fight for the right amount of money, and a rare few are companions that will follow you in your ambitions and help you to achieve your goals.

  • 市场 - 这是大多数商品的交易地点。如果您在找一个崭新头盔,战略补给,或者给你的爱驹买马铠,那么市场将成为你的第一站。市场也是你可以找到当地铁匠的地方,您可以在那里设计和制作自己的武器。
  • 贫民窟和后街 - 走私者和土匪聚集在一起通过非法手段赚钱的危险地地带,会让城镇减少资源和税收。
  • 主堡 - 在这里你能找到镇上的贵族,镇长(还有囚犯!)。希望能有一天,你会把这里当成自己的家。
  • 军区 - 这是城镇守卫和驻军聚集的地方,也可以训练部队。此外,当需要的时候,这里地方也会库存一些必需品(比方说被攻打的时候)
  • 小酒馆 - 冒险者和醉鬼们聚集在一起喝酒吹牛的地方。一些狂欢者会很讨厌,但其他人会为了适当的金钱而受雇佣,少数情况下会有几个人想要跟随你,助你完成大业。

We understand that no matter how nice and immersive we make our towns look, walking around them creates downtime from your conquering and pillaging. For those of you who would like to rest between your various exploits, we have many small details to explore and discover in our towns. However, for those who are in a hurry, we group interactable NPCs together according to their roles for ease of access for players. And for those of you that don’t want to set a single foot in a town, we have the settlement menu, where you can access practically every function available in towns directly from the campaign map (barring a select few that we save for immersion).


Sieges also play a big part in the design of a town scene. This comes both with technical and gameplay limitations, but also with opportunities! Small roads and buildings around town gates add variety to gameplay when the town is under siege, however, a shop that is filled to the brim with many intricate pieces of pottery would add performance complications. Our solution is to have a "siege state" for our scenes (which is easily achievable with our map editor). When a player deploys into a town that is under siege, they are greeted by deserted streets. The marketplace closes down, taking all of the colourful and fine goods with it, shops bar their doors and barricades are raised in the streets to help with defences.


This method not only helps us create immersion and ease the load on performance by removing elements that are unnecessary for a combat scene, but it also gives us more flexibility with our design. We can barricade off roads that are not related to siege gameplay to reduce overcomplexity or close shortcuts that might give an unnecessary advantage to either side while creating new choke points that would look out of place when there is no conflict.

Overall, we try to design our town scenes to be believable and immersive, but also to compliment gameplay. We want players to be easily able to navigate the world, either through their player character or through UI elements (such as menus), and experience the sandbox in the way that they want to.

这种方法不仅可以帮助我们创建沉浸感和通过删除战斗场景不需要的元素来减轻性能负担,但它也为我们的设计提供了更大的灵活性。 我们可以拦住与攻城战无关的道路,以减少过度复杂或关闭近道,来平衡双方的不必要优势,并避免一些看起来不合适的地方。

总的来说,我们试图将我们的城镇场景设计为靠谱和身临其境,同时也是让大家赞叹的游戏玩法。 我们希望玩家能够轻松地通过他们的玩家角色或UI元素(例如菜单)来游览世界,并以他们想要的方式体验这个沙盒游戏。

In next week’s blog, we will talk to Animator and Motion Capture Artist, Abdullah Nakipoğlu. If you have any questions you would like to ask him, please leave a reply in the comments section and we will pick one out for him to answer!

下周的日志,我们会和动画和动作捕捉的美工,Abdullah Nakipoğlu进行问答环节。如果你有什么想要问他的,留下你的问题让我们来问他吧!


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意思骑砍2的攻城战会增加巷战内容?1代的攻城一点迂回都没有,基本就是城墙战,要是能增加巷战的话应该会很 ...

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