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[霸主] 《骑马与砍杀2:霸主》开发日志(109)——采访软件测试员Onurcan Dönmez

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Greetings warriors of Calradia!

One part of game development that is often overlooked or undervalued is Quality Assurance (QA). Testing a game is an integral part of the development process, and with a game of the scale of Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, the testing process is paramount in ensuring that the many different features and systems, that more often than not are intertwined and dependant on each other, work as intended to provide players with a fun and enjoyable experience. In this week’s blog, we talk with one of the people responsible for making sure that the game meets the standards that both we and our players expect, QA Tester, Onurcan Dönmez.  
质量保证是游戏开发经常被忽视和低估的环节。测试游戏是开发过程中不可或缺的部分,而对于《骑马与砍杀2:霸主》这种规模的游戏,不同的游戏功能和游戏系统交织在一起、互相依赖,而测试流程对于确保这些功能和系统为玩家提供有趣而愉快的体验起了至关重要的作用。这周的日志里,我们要对负责确保游戏水准能够符合制作组和玩家期待的工作人员,软件测试员 Onurcan Dönmez进行采访。

Onurcan Dönmez
Onurcan Dönmez

İzmir来自于:伊兹密尔 [h1]JOINED TALEWORLDS[/h1]2015于2015年加入Taleworlds
[h1]EDUCATION[/h1]Aviation Management 教育背景航空管理
[h1]OFFICIAL JOB DESCRIPTION[/h1]Game QA Tester官方职业介绍游戏软件测试员 [h1]WHAT DO YOU NORMALLY DO DURING YOUR DAY?[/h1]你每天通常都会做些什么?
“[I]I play Bannerlord from morning till night... At least my friends think so. But, this is not the case of course. As the QA team, we have a specific workflow and test scenarios. My main task is to perform them and to improve them when necessary. Apart from this, I follow the other tasks by attending the daily/weekly meetings of other teams, emphasize the priorities, and share my team’s feedbacks with them. In the evaluation meetings we have held daily in the past few months, I share my comments about the current state of the game and share my design ideas. Our job is not just about finding bugs and reporting them, but also to make sure that the game is of high quality and fun.  So in summary, I normally test the game, follow the tasks, attend meetings, and share feedback during my day. [/I]”我从早到晚都在玩霸主……起码我朋友们都是这么想的。但事实并非如此。在质保小组里,我们有特定的工作流程和测试环境。我的主要任务是执行它们并在必要的时候做出改进。除此之外,我也会通过参加每日或每周的其他小组的会议来执行其他任务,强调优先级,并分享我们小组的反馈给他们。在过去几个月里,我们每天都要召开评估会议,我分享了我对游戏当前状态的评价和我的设计理念。我的工作不仅仅是发现和汇报错误,还要确保游戏的高质量和趣味性。总而言之,我每天通常是测试游戏,执行任务,参加会议,还有反馈。 [h1]WHAT DO YOU LIKE THE MOST ABOUT BANNERLORD?[/h1]你最喜欢《霸主》的哪一点?
“[I]What I like about Bannerlord is to have the title of the person who plays Bannerlord the most and the incredibly funny bugs we came across :)我喜欢霸主让我成为了那个玩霸主次数最多的人,也喜欢在测试过程中遇到的那些令人惊奇而又有趣的Bug
What I like the most is the richness of the game in terms of features. I have played lots of games across a number of different genres for over 20 years, but only some of them have such richness. If you take the list of Bannerlord’s features, it would take a day or more to shallowly test just one of them.[/I]”说起我最喜欢霸主的一点,那就是丰富的游戏特色。我这20年来玩过各种各样的游戏,但只有少部分才有如此丰富的内容。如果你要对霸主的特色列一个清单,仅仅简单测试其中的一个特色就需要花掉你一整天甚至更多的时间 [h1]WHAT'S THE MOST DIFFICULT THING THAT YOU SOLVED SO FAR, DURING THE PRODUCTION OF BANNERLORD?[/h1]在霸主的制作过程中,迄今为止你解决的最大困难是什么?
“[I]Something I try to keep on top of and is probably my most challenging task, is to encourage a healthy level of communication between the teams. I came to the following conclusion as a result of my experiences, thanks to my current position in the company: working in a QA team requires you to recognise other teams, individuals and their working methods, to build good relationships and to ensure that different teams work in collaboration with each other. Our responsibility is to act as a filter in terms of accuracy and quality of the work. Therefore, we need to keep a good channel of communication open with everyone.
In order to help you visualise this, I can give an example: Before implementing a quest to the game, I check the algorithms and dialogues of the quest. If I find a problem, I talk to the designer of the quest to get it fixed. Following this, the design of the quest is approved and sent to the programmers, which means that I need to communicate with the programmers at this stage and test it after the implementation. The drafts may not be suitable to implement, may not be fun, or may cause some unexpected problems. We need to collaborate with the designers, programmers, and even graphic designers or game engine team to solve these problems. In such instances, positive and healthy communication is essential to solving the problems within the shortest amount of time.为了能让这个更加形象化,我举个例子:在游戏中实现一个支线任务之前,我会检查任务的算法和对话。如果我发现了问题,我会和任务的设计师沟通让她修复。在这之后,任务的设计被批准并发送给了程序员,这也意味着我现在需要和程序员沟通并在这个任务在游戏中运行之后进行测试。初稿可能运行的并不流畅,或者没有趣味性,甚至会导致一些意外的问题。这时候我们就需要与设计师、程序员,甚至图形设计师以及游戏引擎团队来共同解决这些问题。在这种情况下,积极和健康的沟通对于在短时间内解决问题显得至关重要。
Improper work can be done due to a lack of communication and it can hamper the speed of development. To avoid this, I am trying to do my best to provide a continuous flow of information. [/I]”缺乏沟通可能会导致工作不顺利,并且会阻碍开发进度。为了避免这种情况,我一直都在尽全力维持着源源不断及畅通无阻的信息交流。
“[I]Multiplayer tests are taking most of my time recently. As we have already announced, we are preparing to enter a beta process soon and so we are working hard on this to present the game in the best way possible.[/I]”最近联机游戏测试占了我大部分时间。就像我们已经宣布的,我们正在准备即将到来的联机封测,为此我们正在努力将游戏最好的一面呈现给所有人。
[h1]WHAT FACTION DO YOU LIKE THE MOST IN BANNERLORD?[/h1]\你最喜欢《霸主》的哪个国家?       
We were testing the multiplayer Captain mode that we introduced in the summer of 2017. Late at night, I won a very exciting game with 20 heroic Empire legionnaires. That epic victory is the reason why Empire is enshrined in my memory. And another motivation is the fact that no one else in the company likes Empire except for me![/I]”帝国我们正在测试在2017年夏天就介绍给大家的的联机领军模式。记得有一天深夜,我带领20个帝国军团士兵大获全胜。那场史诗般的大捷让我对帝国铭记于心。我这么说还有个原因,因为除了我,我们公司其他人都不喜欢帝国!
“[I]I have some favourite bugs which I find to be interesting and funny.
  • The creepy winks of the dead warriors lying in the battlefields.
  • The transformation of swords into lightsabers as a result of an excessive flare bug, turning the game into Star Wars mode.
  • Naked people walking around as a result of another bug.
  • The reduction of the height of the siege tower model into half the size of a human and the transportation of it into the castle by the soldiers.
  • Everyone turning into a child as a result of a bug we had after implementing the child model for the first time. It was really funny to see tiny people swinging huge swords in battles, but it was very disturbing to actual kill child enemies... We are working under really harsh conditions! :)
  • 战场上的尸体会眨眼,这太吓人了
  • 由于亮度过高导致铁剑变成光剑,游戏变成了星球大战模式
  • 由于BUG,人们都光着身子到处走
  • 把攻城塔模型高度降低到人的一半高度,它便会被士兵们直接运送到城堡里
  • 我们在第一次搭载儿童模型后出现了一个BUG,每个人都变成了小孩子。看着那些小个子在战斗中拿着巨剑挥舞的样子很好玩,但是把小孩当作敌人杀害却令人不安……我们真的在很艰难的条件下工作!

“[I]It is a nice question but difficult to answer. Many problems about various issues are fixed and improved thanks to our feedback and comments, but I can give army AI as a specific example. Previously, armies scattered quickly and misused their time and supplies as a result of ineffective decisions. But now, thanks to the improved AI, they are more effective at making sensible and consistent decisions.[/I]”这个问题不错,但是很难回答。由于我们的反馈和评论,很多问题都得到了修复和改进,以军队(这里特指集团军,多支部队集结的大军)AI为例。之前,军队会因为决策不力而很快解散(成一支支单独的部队),浪费了时间和补给。但现在由于AI的提升,他们会更加有效地制定明智而正确的决定,不会再发生类似的情况了。


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