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分类:战团MOD 来源: 转载 汉化 浏览:51958 次 下载:17849 次 大小:1.46GB(解压后3.2GB) 版本:v3.11 作者:obamaladen 汉化作者:风过也好 简介:1257AD增强版》是《1257AD》的正统续作,作者obamaladen得到了《1257AD》原作者DrTomas的授权,最初版于2018年12月初全新发布。 时间:2023-04-09 论坛原帖:点击进入



《1257AD增强版》V3.1 更新日志  翻译:骑马娶歪果仁@骑马与砍杀中文站
1). Decapitation now works on town centers/castle courtyards too.
2). Fixed marshall being appointed even if the player was king. This only happened if the player took control of a existing faction.
3). Fixed player inability to give a fief to one of his vassals if he became king of a existing faction.
4). Fixed minister not recognizing the player as the king when talking about the resolve dispute quest.
5). Fixed town fights not working in the streets and courtyard. Also removed it from taverns.
6). Fixed plural CTT names not updating.
7). Fixed town_merc_respawn script errors.
8). Removed options to replace temporary minister with spouse or companions. Now the minister is the minister and that's it. No need to assign anyone else to do a better job.
9). Fixed siege bug (besiegers attacking the center after conquering it).
10). Added player auxiliary feature (take control of one of your troops after you get knocked out) to manor bandit attacks and bandit lairs.
11). Fixed player kingdom parties spawning without troops and causing crashes when talking to them when the player faction didn't have a culture assigned to it.
12). Fixed: when asking someone about the location of a created random lord the answer was always incorrect.
13). Added notification when a random lord is created for the player faction.
14). Added Azgad town fights to castles.
15). Fixed town fights happening when the player was the owner of the fief.
16). Fixed guards that had the same troop ID as the prison guard of that faction having the prison dialogue.
17). New game: Kingdoms will start campaigning earlier at a new game.
18). Added kingdom culture to faction notes.
19). Player will be taken prisoner if he's knocked out during a town fight.
20). Changed orange text messages to yellow for better visibility.
21). Fixed player losing relations with village lord if he killed a fugitive.
22). Fixed execute prisoner dialogue string error.
23). Player can enter the prison from the town menu if he's the town lord.
24). Added one on one fights to tournaments again, but this time both participants are restricted to fight on foot and with a two handed sword.
25). Changed MINIMUM lord creation and threshold options for all fiefs to 0 from 1 like the readme says it does.
26). Fixed mongolian camps spawning without a set limit and causing performance issues (now the maximum at one time is 20).
27). Apparently the freelancer equipment bug was fixed. I don't know if this is present in the v3.0 as well.
28). Reduced the manor spawn radius to 5 from 7. This will decrease the chances of a manor spawning in inaccessible terrain.
29). Reduced the minimum amount of skills required to enlist in a division in freelancer
Mounted: 2 or more in ridin
Archery: 2 or more in power draw or throwing or 100 proficiency with crossbows
Infantry: 2 or more in power strike
You still need to be of the same level as the troop you want to enlist (so senior knight = level 28)
30). Fixed tavern bounties not working properly. Also fixed village fights activating when the quest was active in that village.
31). New game: Minor edit to mounted troop levels.
32). New game: Fixed vassal and prince starts having incorrect titles.
33). New game: Fixed all noble starts receiving king start item modifiers (e.g. player vassal getting champion horses). Now they receive items on their level.
34). New game: Fixed Floris bank slots being overriden by new slots and causing the player to already have acres in fiefs in a new game.
35). Fixed Byzantine tier 3 infantry having tier 5 armor while the tier 4 infantry had tier 4 armor.

《1257AD增强版》V3.9 更新日志
1). Fixed player getting lords without culture if he set his culture to anatolian.
2). Added missing credits in v3.8 changelog.
3). Fixed fiefs sometimes not being unnasigned when their owner died.
4). Fixed player king start.
5). Fixed random lords not getting their face randomized according to culture.
6). Fixed player getting lords without culture if he set his culture to mongol.
7). Fixed player vassal being unable to request a fief after conquering it.
8). Fixed "SCRIPT ERROR ON OPCODE -2147483108".
9). Player now only loses honor and party morale if he executes a lord by burning, quartering or executes him on the spot.
10). Fixed king always choosing someone he likes to get fiefs. Now a lord's renown will be taken into consideration.
11). Fixed cwe spears not being taken into account when dealing with spear bracing.
12). Fixed spear bracing only working in field battles. Now it should work in any battle outside sieges.
13). The majority of polearms that can be braced are now affected by spear bracing.
14). Fixed battle orders menu (backspace) closing after a few seconds open.
15). Fixed formation menu (f4) closing after a few seconds open.
16). Optimized spear bracing code.
17). Due to poll results, only two handed polearms can be braced.
18). Fixed cuman lords not getting any culture and thus spawning without name.
19). Player random lords from a golden horde start have 10% chance of being cuman.
20). (New game) All gaelic troops wear boots/shoes now.
21). Fixed script erros for decide_faction_ai.
22). Fixed player being unable to exit the fief culture change menu when there was a large amount of cultures to be displayed. Now they are divided by pages.
23). Fixed kings sometimes choosing a dead lord as winner of a fief.
24). Fixed factions not being defeated if their king went into hiding and that faction had not fiefs. Now a faction is defeated if they have no fiefs (it can take 1 to 48 hours for this to happen).
25). Player can now recruit 1 knight for every 20 points of renown he has from manors (before it was 3). Knight respawn rates still apply.
26). Added spearbracing and shield bash to camp visit map.
27). Lords that order assassinations of other lords of their faction and are discovered lose considerable relations with their king and lords of the same faction.
28). Fixed lords that order assassinations and are discovered not getting negative/positive relations with friends/enemies of the assassinated lord. The relation depends on how much they liked/hated the dead lord.
29). Lords that raid villages get less relation with the owner (-5).
30). Lords that besiege centers get less relation with the owner (-8).
31). Lords that kill another lord (battle/execution/assassination) lose significant relations with the dead's relatives like father/mother/etc. The impact depends on what they were (e.g. killing someone's father/mother bears the greatest impact) and also if they didn't hate the dead or not.
32). Lords can be summary executed after being captured by other NPC lords. The chance depends on how much the winner dislikes them and also their (the winner's) personality. The relations hit still apply.
33). Freed lords gain relations with whoever freed them (+5).
34). Decreased relations needed for enterprises to be sequestered to -5 from 0.
35). Increased staff salary by 4x (e.g. wife weekly cost went from 10 to 40).
36). Fixed typo in patrol line.
37). Optimized king start code.
38). When a player changes the culture of a fief, the regional mercs change as well.
39). Removed some persistent flags from ambient music tracks which hopefully will make the other music play more often.
40). Fixed music tracks not playing in certain areas of the map.
41). Fixed 2 tracks not playing at all while traveling the map.
42). Fixed kings being executed with the same chance as regular lords.
43). (New game) Increased king execution chance variation to 20% (was 10%).
44). Kings can choose to execute a lord instead of indicting them for treason. The less they like them, the more chance.
45). Fixed a bug in the execution code that made executions less likely to occur.
46). Removed tier 6 surcoat from Gaelic Clansmen.
47). Increased deadline for report to the marshall quest to 6 days (was 4).
48). Added "whistle for you horse" feature (Press H during a battle to have your horse go back to you).
49). Fixed player starting without proper title if choosing the female ruler start.
50). (New game) Added option to disband a wagon train if active. You're going to need a new game if you have a wagon train already active and want to disband it.
51). Fixed player "former vassal" bug.
52). Reduced town walkers by half to avoid them and the player getting stuck in traffic.
53). Fixed player not appearing in the vassal list.
54). Fixed wagon train disband dialogue not disbanding it.
55). Fixed mercenary player not needing to pay troop wages.
56). Fixed new wagon trains not paying wages.
57). Fixed tavern bounties.
58). Fixed player clone spawning in villages.
59). Fixed player being able to request a horse merchant to return his horse even if he hasn't given him any.
60). Fixed "Player" faction appearing in faction statistics.

对1257AD原版作者DrTomas的采访  翻译:大猫头@骑马与砍杀中文站
1.Hello, DrTomas. You are quite possibly one of the first modders who created a historically-accurate total conversion project for this game. You founded and start developing 1257 AD in 2010 and it is still one of those mods that draws new players on a regular basis. 8 years!.  So, lets start with an introduction of yourself for those who don’t know you.

Answer: Hi i’m Tomas and these days I am a professional software engineer and a technical lead in a software company.

Back in the good olden days I was the lead developer for 1257AD mod, I was responsible for all code related tasks, scening as well enforcing historical accuracy where possible. While originally 1257ad was not started by me. Othr was the one that started it originally. I, however, did start contributing early in the mods development cycle - first by historical research, letter by scening and finally taking over coding for the mod and the drive behind the mod.

Also, Dr in DrTomas stands for Drunkard.

2. How did you get started on modding this sequel for the first time? Did you have any past experiences? Why did you want to mod this game?

Answer: I did not have any experience in modding, I was still a university student at the time and it was purely a hobby for me. It did allow to greatly improve my coding skills and set the right mindset for the future of my career. And I found that Mount and Blade series was prefer place for me to fulfil my ideas.

3. I know you specificly for your coding work, but I assume you have knowledge in every aspect of modding. Did you do most of the stuff by yourself?

Answer: When I took over 1257ad, all of the coding of the mod was done by me and all the work related to it (balancing, tweaking, ect). I also did some scening time to time. Graphical part of the mod was kuauik’s territory and all the in game armours, weapons is done by him. We also had a numerous contribution from our community to help - research, scening was something that helped us a lot.

4. What was your drive behind making 1257 AD? How was the overall process like? Did you have a team?  I assume research was the toughest part.

Answer: I greatly enjoy the time period it was set and at the time I was still doing  some medieval reenactment. So i guess Mount and Blade allowed me to do reenactment virtually, in some way.

It was mainly two of us most of the time as a team - I was mainly focusing on coding, while Kuauik was responsible for the graphical part of the mod. We actually worked very well together, because mostly we shared the same idea of what the mod should be. Without him, I doubt there would be 1257ad - one of the best person I have ever worked with.
Research was greatly assisted by the community, so while certain parts might have been tough to find info on, others where plenty available and provided by our fans.

5. Did you struggle too much for the amount of modders were quite few in number? And - it was a period of learning module system for basicly everyone since it came out just about the same year, so there weren’t many knowledgeable people around. Was this fun, being the first one to learn about certain features? Or - was it demotivating at the times?
问:当年(2010年)你是否因为制作组人数太少而遇到很多困难?骑砍官方的Module System(native的py源代码)那年刚刚发布出来,懂的人几乎没有,全靠你自己去钻研。那你钻研Module System时是感到很有趣还是觉得这是一件苦差事?

Answer: I can’t say we struggled, I believe having a big team on a hobby project can complicate things sometimes more than help. And it was primarily a hobby, so the process should be enjoyable otherwise there’s no purpose to it.

On what’s related to module system - it’s a horrible contraption, very cumbersome to code, but not that hard when you get the idea behind it. And it’s limitations really allowed to improve creativity - as some workarounds could have been quite creative.
提到Module System,那真是个可怕的玩意,代码太过于冗杂,不过当你看懂它到底写了什么,也没什么难的了。Module System的限制反而提高了我的创造力,为了绕过这些限制我不得不用了一些很创新的手段。(这句翻译得不准确)

6. Do you think your modding experience influenced you in any way? Maybe, your professional career or your studies? Was it purely a hobby for you?

Answer: It was purely a hobby for me, but it did allow to grow certain way of looking at things (especially when it comes to code related things). And I believe it did help boost my career in some way and i learned a lot.

7. What do you think of the future? Any plans for bannerlord? Are you working on an indie game or warband mod, maybe?

Answer: If bannerlord would ever come out, I guess i would at least try to mod something light. Probably won’t be doing anything as heavy as 1257 any time soon, because i just do not have the time for it (I’m married, have a job and a dog, so no time). Time will tell, however.
8. What is your favourite warband mod? Why do you like it? Also, is there any project that caught your attention lately?

Answer: I liked Brytenwalda, Gekokujo and Vikingr. I like historical mods.
9. What is your overall impression of the modding community of this game?

Answer: Quite communal and helpful… most of the time :) It does not seem as active as it was several years ago, but Warband is a pretty old game now.

10. And - lastly. Would you like to say anything to creative people who’re reading this interview at the moment? :)

Answer: Get back to work, you slackers!
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